EZ-Drawer Bathroom Storage Scales


Hi, How many times have you been in the bathroom, turned around & stubbed your toe on a bath scales. Wouldn’t it be great to have a storage solution for them, that also makes them readily available when needed. Well take a look at this:…

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A side sketch of our in house designed living downspout
Project House, Solutions

Living Downspout

Hi, back again. This month we will be talking about a problem we had with the purpose built house we put together. In the front of the house we have a cantilevered front porch, approximately 14′ wide and 7′ out from the building (Will come…

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Tables with FDP Brackets both folded up and down

Fold Down Pro Brackets

Our first 2 products were the Deluxe and Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Boards. (Which we will come back to in a later blog.) I would like to talk about our Fold Down Pro Brackets. The Fold Down Pro Brackets were developed in our lab over…

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Folding Table Sketch
About Us

Z-DesignLab Intro

Hi, I would like to introduce the new blog for Z-DesignLab. This is the lab where our ideas are incubated & developed for Fold Down Pro. It is our first time hosting a blog and hopefully, with keeping your interest, we will introduce unique, innovative…

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