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Wood to carpet transition

Hi back again,

This month I would like to talk about minimalistic floor transitions.

It is a good thing to talk about because we all walk and transition from one type of flooring material to another as we walk through a house. With each type of flooring material, there is usually a height difference, possibly an expansion allowance in the case of wood flooring, so it is important to have a relatively flat transition. As people age this becomes more important ergonomically (tripping hazards and so on).

In the project house at the front and rear doors we used aluminum checker plate to transition to a wood floor, carpet and tile. This type of material was used throughout the house at the transitions. All the transition thresholds were custom made for each application. One good thing about using this material is there is an unlimited range of applications. If you buy thresholds from your local building materials provider, you may be limited to what is available. If you go custom you must find a metal fabricator to cut and bend the thresholds.

Rear door transitional threshold
Rear door transitional threshold
Wood to tile transition
Wood to tile transition

In the image above the wood flooring is rabbeted on the edge going over the tile. There is a differential height between the types of flooring but allowance for the expansion. If it was a shop bought solution it would be higher than the wood floor.

Tile to carpet with no threshold
Tile to carpet with no threshold

On the photo above the tile and carpet are the same height so can be butted together with no need for a threshold.

Here is a little gallery of a few more of the thresholds that were installed

That’s all for now, I hope this was helpful.


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