Fold Down Pro Brackets

Tables with FDP Brackets both folded up and down

Our first 2 products were the Deluxe and Compact Wall Mounted Ironing Boards. (Which we will come back to in a later blog.)

I would like to talk about our Fold Down Pro Brackets. The Fold Down Pro Brackets were developed in our lab over about a 2 year period, countless drawings & prototypes to come to the present design. The Brackets solve multiple problems that existed with available folding brackets. They are strong, not rickety. You can have 2, 3, 4 and more brackets supporting a single table, bench or shelf, depending on size & loading.

Importantly one person can fold this table down. Conventional brackets, one hand to trip each bracket, limiting the size of the fold down table. You can install 4 or more Fold Down Pro Brackets on one table & one person can fold this table down because the brackets are all linked together, one motion of the handle will trip all 4 or more mechanisms at once.

We have sold Fold Down Pro Brackets all over the world, to woodworkers, boat builders, homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, a ton of major corporations & lots more.

Fitted room with a table with FDP Brackets

That’s enough bragging for now, check back later to learn about our next blog “The Living Downspout”.

All the best, John.

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  1. Hi
    We have a small garden which is 6m long but only 1.4m wide and would love a table which folds, weather proof and can be used tom serve bbq food and to eat outside as a dinning table, can you help with the brackets and what sort of fixings we can use to add a waterproof table top, looking forward to your swift response.

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